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Leap Day Collage

I’ve always been a little intrigued by leap year because my grandpa was a leap year baby born on February 29th. I remember as a child hearing that he only had a birthday once every four years and I thought that was sad, but kind of cool, too. 

Do you know why we have leap years? Our actual year is 365 and 1/4 days long. To keep our modern calendar in sinc with the tropical calendar and to keep things less confusing a day is added every four years to February. 

So, even though Leap Day is not a holiday I think we should still celebrate it. After all it only happens every four years, right?! 

Here’s some fun ideas I’ve gathered from around the web:

How about a party? This would be a good time to educate your family as to why we have this day and make it a fun time. There’s some great ideas here:


Leap Year Party by Grey Grey Designs

How about watching the movie, Leap Year? I love this movie! Did you know that in Irish History women were allowed to ask a man to marry her only on this day? This movie is a modern version of this old tradition.

 Give your friends a special treat this day. Here’s some cute printables:


Leap Year Printable by Creatividee

How about making some frogs?


Origami Frogs by Easy Peasy and Fun

Make some lily pads for your frogs!


Lily Pad by Crafty Morning

Have you ever made a time capsule with your family? Wouldn’t it be fun to put together in a box or envelope some fun things your family enjoys, a newspaper, letters, and anything else that would be fun to open in four years?


Leap Year Time Capsule Simply Kelly Designs

Our My Minted Memories November Family Subscription Box contains some great ideas to create a time capsule. Follow the link for more information.


Treats are always important for any special day. These are super fun!


Frog Pond Cookie Cups Baby Loving Mama

Don’t forget a delicious drink! 😉


Swamp Water by Kara’s Party Ideas

This craft idea is so awesome!


Frog Headbands by One Crafty Place

Be sure to make February 29th a fun day for your family! This poor day gets neglected!

Leap Year Quote

Here’s another family fun idea:


Leap Day Ideas For Your Family


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