Kitchen Towel Gift Idea

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Kitchen towels are always needed and necessary. I made these for about a dollar a piece. What’s so great about them is that they can be made to match any kitchen and they make a great gift.

Here’s what ya need:


Kitchen Towel Gift Supplies

    • Flour sack towels (I found mine at Walmart.)
    • Scrap pieces of fabric
    • Trim such as pom pom, ric rac, or lace
    • Prints or copies (see below)
    • Sponge brush
    • Photo transfer medium found at any fabric or craft store
    • Sewing machine, pins, thread, scissors

Kitchen Towel Gift Instructions

1. Pre-wash and dry your towels to remove any fabric finish on them

2. For the images on the towels I found some illustrations from and printed them out on a powder toner printer. You can also use color images, as well. If using a photograph make a copy of it rather than using the original. You can purchase iron on images instead like the ones pictured below. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.


3. Cut around the image. If you don’t want any of the margin around the image showing be sure to detail cut around it.


4. Using your sponge brush apply a thick coat of the photo transfer medium to the image side of the print. Carefully lay it face down on the towel in the center about 8 inches from the bottom. Smooth the image out and go around the edge with your finger to make sure it’s adhered. Let dry for 24 hours.



5. Measure the width of the towel and cut a strip out of your fabric in the width you want and add an inch to the length and the width for a hem. Fold each edge in a half inch and press.


6. After 24 hours of drying time using a very wet sponge lightly go over the image and completely saturate the paper. Let sit for 10 minutes. Squeeze the sponge out and start rubbing the paper until it’s completely removed. You will see the image at this point. Dry.


7. For gift giving I like to iron the towel before sewing on the fabric and trim. This is optional. Place a cloth over the image when ironing that section.

8. Pin the trim and fabric strip into place below the image. Sew into place by stitching close to the pressed edges.



I love how these turn out. Not only are they pretty, but they’re functional, too.

This would also be a perfect beginner sewing project.

Kitchen Towel Idea



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