Hello readers! Lately I have been working a ton, but now that it has slowed down a bit I have a chance to blog some more. I have been AWOL lately. I also have been really hooked on Ancesty.com and I have been trying to find out more about my paternal grandmothers history and man these ancestors of mine are sneaky!! But I did find this picture of my great great great grandfather Asa Moroni Beecher!


Isn’t he handsome!?

I also worked on this over the weekend.

20140909_165942 20140917_105115

It was a beast!! But it turned out way better then I expected.

I followed Miss Mustard Seeds tips on slipcovers here with drop cloth. I didn’t end up bleaching mine at all, just ran it through a wash cycle with extra fabric softener. I slipcovered the cushions and the pillows, but I stapled the canvas to the frame of the couch for a more permanent solution!

Now that awful dark brown microfiber couch is History!

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