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If you’re a grandparent you know how much fun and enjoyment you get from your grandchildren. It’s like looking at life through new eyes. You have so much to offer these sweet kids, so give them your time and knowledge. Here’s some ideas for Grandma and Grandpa time.

Teach them some life skills. Self reliance, taking care of their bodies, and the love of nature are just a few.



Peanut Butter and Pinecone Bird Feeders

Peanut Butter and Pine Cone Bird Feeders

One fun thing we found is kid’s day at Home Depot. Your local store has a free program once a month where the kids can construct awesome things like butterfly houses. Perfect for grandparents.

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Here’s a post on planting an herb garden. Let each child make their own to take home.


Spend time with them in the kitchen. Here’s a simple idea that takes no cooking. Click the photo for the recipe.


How about teaching them some games you used to play as a child. They are just as fun now as they were back then.


Giving your grandchildren your time is probably the most valuable. Try to attend as many of their activities and special events as you can. They will remember that you were there.

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Take them to the park for a picnic. It doesn’t have to cost much to show your love.

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A trip to get frozen yogurt is a great way to ask them about what’s going on in their lives and to offer advice.

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or a trip to McDonald’s Playplace for a quick date is priceless.


Here’s a fun activity that’s always a hit.


Teach your grandchildren about places you’ve lived or learned about. Here’s a dinner we had celebrating China. The kids had a blast. Click on the photo for recipes and ideas.


I created a fun space in my home for them. You could find a corner or shelf to make your own. I used the smallest room in the house that wasn’t being used. 


For those of you who have a long distance between you and your loved ones here’s some ideas to stay connected.


I hope these ideas are helpful as you develop and strengthen your relationships with your family. Remember you are an important piece of their lives. What are some ways you spend time with the children in your lives?

Lots of ideas for things you can do with the kids in your life.

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There are so many things I could say but I will just start with the basics. Mother to 4. Grandmother to 11 (Yes, 11. All under the age of 9.) I am a former Army wife and we spent 15 years traveling around the world. It was such a thrill to have seen so many places and meeting lifetime friends. I spent many years working in the craft industry and love getting together with friends and creating. I have a lifelong love of thrift shops, antiques, and yard sales.


  1. I am not a grandma yet but with 2 kids married hopefully soon. I do have 8 and 9 year old boys so these are great ideas for them.

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