Emergency Cook Stove and Heater

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This is ingenious!  I learned to make this emergency cook stove yesterday and have to pass this idea along to you.


During the past year I have been feeling the need to be better prepared for any emergency or hard time my family and I may go through in the future.  Hopefully, nothing does happen <knock on wood> but I would rather be prepared than sorry.  Every once in a while I’m going to pass on tips to you that I have learned.  Hopefully, you don’t mind.

The supplies you need are:

1 large paint can (hardware store)

1 small paint can (hardware store)

1 roll of toilet paper

1 or more bottle(s) of rubbing alcohol

6″x6″ ceramic tile

1 can key (hardware store)

matches or lighter

bottle opener


  • Start by using a bottle opener to cut holes on the top and bottom of the large can.  (Starting at the bottom will keep you from cutting yourself while cutting the top of the can.)


  • Carefully remove the cardboard tube from the center of the toilet paper.  Insert into the small can.  Slowly add the alcohol over the top of the toilet paper.  Seal the can with the lid and make sure it’s closed completely.





Insert the tile into the large can.  Place the sealed small can inside on top of the tile.  Add the can key and matches.  Place the handle on the large can and then seal with the lid.



Instructions – (Print the instructions onto a label sheet, cut out, and place on the can.)

To Use: Remove lid of both the large and small cans and light the toilet paper with a match.  This can be used now as a heater.  To use as a stove turn the large can upside down over the small can.  The can will burn approximately 8 hours and the bottom will not get hot until the alcohol burns down.  The paper will not burn.  More alcohol can be added as needed to keep the stove/heater ready for use.

Warning: If you are using this inside of a car open a window a crack.  Be careful the sides of the can will get hot after 30 minutes of use.

Stove is great for snowmobiling, winter camps, food storage, ice fishing, and any emergency heating or cooking needs.

I think these would make wonderful gifts, as well.

Are you prepared?  Please share your ideas!

Emergency Supplies

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  1. Avatar Shar Elmer says

    This is a really cool idea guys! Love it! Amazing family!

  2. Avatar Annalee Ward says

    Very good idea. Thanks for your tips.

  3. Avatar Leslie Reed says

    Great idea Dru!

  4. So cool!! Love your website!! 🙂

  5. Avatar Denise Hamilton says

    I have a couple of these and they are GENIUS! I’m glad you shared this with everyone! Great job on the blog, ladies! Looks fab!! XO

  6. Avatar Jessica Pace says

    As soon as I get my computer back(hubby has it at grad school) I’m going to pin this on my “Be Prepared” pinboard! Love it, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Jessica! So happy you have joined us here. I was just looking at pictures of your son yesterday on your FB page and I can’t believe how much he has grown already. He’s a doll.

  7. Avatar MaryBeth Snow says

    Great Idea to get the family prepared.

  8. This an amazing idea!! Love your blog!!

  9. Avatar Quinci Cole says

    What a great idea. I would love to have this to add to my food storage.

  10. WOW!!! Great idea…

  11. Thanks for the idea.

  12. Avatar Gerardo Bohon says

    Great Idea. You could build in a pot stand and put it inside the big can.

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