Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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Christmas Tree Toppers

It’s always been hard for me to decide what to put on top of my Christmas trees. I don’t know why. I’ve had the classic star and an angel in the past and while those are great I want something a little more unique and that flows with the decor on the tree. So, I did some research and I thought I’d share some of the options for Christmas Tree Toppers I found in case you’ve struggled, too. 

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It’s Day 10 and we are sharing our Christmas Tree ideas!


There really are an endless amount of options for tree toppers. I was blown away by the creativity and ideas I found in my searching. For instance, I would never have thought to use an initial. Love this idea.

Letter M Tree Topper
Monogram Tree Topper by Love, Laugh, and Decor 

I thought this starburst was pretty and so easy to make. The tutorial is included.

Starburst Tree Topper

Starburst Tree Topper by Dwellings By Devore

Ribbon and ornaments on the top of the tree are always an option. This link shows how to use a plastic cup to build this around. The options are endless with this one.

Colorful Tree Topper

Ribbon and Ornament Tree Topper DIY by Lamberts Lately

Isn’t Frosty’s Top Hat a cute idea. This one has a tutorial.

Frosty's Hat Tree Topper

Mini Top Hat Tree Topper by Fleece Fun

This star wreath is so unique and would be perfect for a beach themed tree.


Source Unknown

I adore the use of a weather vain on this one. Is it cute?

Tree Topper

Weather Vain Tree Topper by Little Blu Boo

I thought this star was really cool. You could use memorable Christmas cards and it would be so inexpensive. The blogger shows you how to make it.

3D Star Tree Topper

3D Star Tree Topper by Jenny Harada

And what about using antlers? Cute, huh?

Antlers on a tree

Source Unknown

I really like these junk toppers made with old lamp parts. 

lamp parts tree toppers

Junk Tree Toppers by My Salvaged Treasures

This is the one I ended up with this year. I found this owl and thought it would be really cute in my rustic tree. We’ve had an owl living in our yard the last several months so it’s perfect for this year.

Owl Christmas Tree Decor

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Tree Topper Ideas

Here are some other Christmas decor ideas you might enjoy.

Seating Area

Christmas Home Tour

Rustic Christmas Decor

Christmas Porch Decor

Scroll down for many more Christmas Tree decor ideas you can use this holiday season!


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  1. I love the owl tree toppers! Owls are one of my favorite birds!

  2. What pretty ideas for tree toppers. The frosty hat was so cute! Love the creative ideas!

  3. I think the owl is my favorite! Thank you for sharing these ideas!

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  5. From Packaging Mart! Oh wow, these Christmas tree topper ideas are absolute show-stoppers! I never thought about using a rustic star, but now I’m totally inspired to switch things up this year. Thanks for the fantastic suggestions!

  6. The DIY topper ideas are so charming! I love the personal touch they add to the tree. Can’t wait to try making my own custom topper – maybe a glittery monogram for that extra festive touch! Custom Packaging Services.

  7. From Custom Paper Placemats! The angel topper idea brought back so many childhood memories for me. It’s such a classic choice that never goes out of style. This post is making me feel all warm and nostalgic about the upcoming holidays!

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