Bicycle Wheel Light Fixture

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My three girls are so fun to decorate for. They love pink, purple, glitter, and ruffles. But, now that I finally have a boy I am so excited to do something a little more masculine. We started by creating this bicycle wheel light fixture. 

DIY Bicycle Light

I’ve had this old bicycle wheel that I wanted to do something with. Originally, I thought about hanging it on the wall and clipping some pictures to it, but then I had an idea to use it as a light fixture.

This is how we did it.

Bicycle Wheel Light Supplies

  • Mini Pendant Kit
  • Vintage Style Light Bulb
  • Bicycle Wheel
  • Spray Paint

Bicycle Wheel Light Supplies

Bicycle Wheel Light Instructions

  • My wheel still had the tire and reflectors still on it, so I took those off and cleaned it up.
  • Next I unscrewed the middle part of the wheel to create a hole in the middle.
  • Then I spray painted it yellow.

Bicycle Light

DIY Bicycle Light

  • Next we threaded the light cord into the middle hole of the wheel. The top part of the light fit perfectly into the hole and held it horizontal.

Bicycle Light Instructions

Bicycle Pendant Light

  • My hubby then removed the old fixture which he calls the boob light! HA!

Replacing A Boob Light

Changing a Light Fixture

  • We figured out how long we wanted the light to hang and cut the cord to that length.  Then we stripped off the wire coverings so we could attach them to the wires in the ceiling.

Hanging a Pendant Light Fixture

Changing A Light Fixture

  • We followed the directions on the box for the rest of the process.



Fun Boys Room Light Fixture

It makes the coolest design on the ceiling and that’s my kid’s favorite part! I absolutely LOVE this light and I cant wait to put the whole nursery together!


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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! My neighbor is throwing out a bunch of bicycle tires and I’ve been walking by wondering what I can do with them, so big time thank you with your creative self!! Now I have to get my husband on board & I’ll be dragging tires home in no time 🙂 Michelle

    • Oh good Michelle!!! Ya I had to get my hubby on board too, but thankfully he likes it! I want to see what you come up with too!!

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