About Us

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Hello! Welcome to our site! We are four women, each very different, but so very much alike.  We have a common love for our roles as women and mothers.  We have a bond that no one can destroy.  Through the ups and downs of life we have experienced so many things.  We have made mistakes and hopefully learned from them.  We have hobbies we love, tips to share, and life lessons to pass along.   We aren’t perfect at anything and love learning from others, but our goal with this website is to share with you what works for us and what doesn’t.  We want to encourage and inspire and to make new friends.  With the four of us you will get a nice variety of posts from hair care to home decor, activities for kids to amazing recipes.  Basically a one-stop blog shop.  Please join us on this adventure.  We are so very excited!

A little about our name…..

Several years ago we planted four poplar trees, one for each child.  These trees have deep meaning for us, along with the fact that they are strong and amazingly resiliant.  The “polka dot” part is just because we love polka dots!



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