Arrow Wreath in 15 Minutes!

Now that the holidays are over and I have taken all my Christmas down my house is looking back to normal. I don’t usually go overboard on decorating for the holidays, Christmas is the exception, of course.  I’m a very minimalist decorator and not really into all the clutter, so for Valentines I wanted something that fits into my decor. Nothing fru fru ya know! 


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Christmas Bundt Pan Wreath

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Hello!  Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner?  Have you started planning?  I’ve been trying to get an earlier start this year.  Ha! Easier said than done.  

This year I decided I wanted to change up a few of my Christmas decorations.  I’m a huge lover of vintage and recycling old things into something unique and new.  I also love creating things that are quick and easy.  Recently when I was at a local thrift shop I saw an old bundt cake pan and because of it’s shape I thought it would make a darling wreath for my kitchen.


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DIY Scary Cloth

Its almost Halloween Y’all!

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this holiday, but I feel like because I’m a mom and I want my kids to have good memories of our holidays at home I am forcing myself to decorate more and be more festive for this Halloween season.

So, in my small town in the middle of nowhere its really hard to find things you want to decorate with. I had to improvise this year and I have to say it turned out pretty cool! Our neighborhood really stepped up this year with their decorations and we had to keep up right!? 🙂 No, but really it turned out really fun and I want to show you what we did. It was really inexpensive and super easy to put together.

20141027_172400 (1)


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DIY Hemmeli Wreath

I think I have been living under a rock!
How in the world have I gone this long and not known about this amazing blog!

I mean she is so talented!!! (Gah! I have jealousy issues sometimes!!)
Well, I saw her tutorial on making this geometric hemmeli wreath and I absolutely fell in love with it!
hemmeli wreath
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