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A few days ago we had the amazing opportunity to attend a blogger event at Salt of the Earth, a local Utah company who manufacture spa skin care products.  We love supporting companies we believe in, especially when they’re local.  We also love to hear stories about people who, through hard work and perseverance, take something small and turn it into a company they are proud of.  

Paul Heslop, Owner and Chief Care Officer, is the 29 year old leader of this amazing company.



Paul is quite the impressive guy who at age 14 started working for Salt of the Earth and then purchased it from his neighbor after his college graduation.   He has used his vision, knowledge, and creativity to make a niche for himself in the spa skin care industry.  All of his products are natural using salts and minerals from the Great Salt Lake here in Utah.  Even his packaging is produced locally.  



In our opinion….the most impressive aspect of this company is that everything is hand blended and custom made the day it is ordered.  How cool is that.  You can also choose from a large variety of scents to make it fresh and just like you want it.  Their products can also be found in many Five Star Spas around the world.




We had so much fun making our own body cream at their mixing bar.  I have been using my cream ever since and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my dry skin.  I am hooked and will be a life time customer.


IMG_9480We love how they used freight containers in their warehouse.

Here you can see the unique mixing bowls they use.  Combine the body cream, sugar or salt if you want a scrub, and a lovely scent.  Mix.  Pull the plug in the mixing bowl and scrape the custom cream into the jar below.  



We also got pampered by getting a hand scrub and hand message by NIMA Estheticians.  



Ate delicious food created by the chefs at Whole Foods.  Yes, even creme brulee.  We were totally spoiled.



They even had a pinata full of amazing prizes including gift certificates to incredible spas in the area.



We had so much fun meeting new blogger friends and supporting Salt of the Earth.  We left with a gift bag including a bath robe from our local IKEA in Draper.  

Thanks so very much to all the sponsors who made this an incredible evening.



And an especially big “Thanks” to all of the Salt of the Earth team.  You are awesome!



Paul is giving our readers an amazing offer; a 40% off promo code on your order.  Go to their website and use promo code saltyparty14.  While you’re on their site you will find additional information and press releases to read.

Thanks Paul!




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  1. Such a great night!! Love all the pictures you posted as well!

  2. Tracey Dunham says:

    How can I buy these salt of the earth spa products?

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