Foamy Fun

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In our family our summers consist of a lot of outside time which includes swimming and anything to do with water. Summer and water simply go hand in hand. Bubbles are also a hit with the kids and this activity is always a popular one. I get asked all the time if we can do “Foamy Fun” and I love the fact that it’s quick and inexpensive to do.

Here’s what we do:

  • Gather a large plastic bin, 3/4 cup of dish soap, 1 quart of water, food coloring, and a mixer.

  • Combine the water and soap in the plastic bin. Combine together with the mixer on high speed.
  • Continue beating until suds form peaks (approximately 5-6 minutes).
  • The mixture will continue to grow and become thicker.
  • Optional: Add a few drops of food coloring and lightly blend with a spoon. (The food coloring will stain so make sure everyone is wearing old clothes they don’t mind getting tie dyed.)

This foam is a blast and even the adults get involved. I think next time I may make enough to fill a small kiddy pool. The foam lasts for about an hour and sometimes more; plenty of time for everyone to cool off and have a great time. Give it a try!

Have a great summer!

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