St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hats

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What kinds of things do you do on St. Patrick’s Day other than wearing green? Here’s a fun Leprechaun Hat craft that might help add a little magic to your day.

Every year in our family that pesky Leprechaun creates a few messes and leaves his footprints wherever he goes like on the toilet seat and the kitchen floor. He even leaves a little green kiss on the kid’s noses. It’s all in good fun and he loves to leave cute gifts, as well. This year I am making Leprechaun hats filled with rainbows, gold, and green goodness. It’s almost like that guy and his friends have left their hats behind to say “Have a fun-filled day”!

Leprechaun Hats

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Family Cultural Night – China

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We started a new tradition in our family and it was soooo fun! Since it’s Chinese New Year we thought it would be fun to learn more about China and to use it as an opportunity to give the kids a great experience. Now that we’ve had one family cultural night we want to do more and want to encourage you all to do the same.

China 1

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Leap Day Fun

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Leap Day Collage

I’ve always been a little intrigued by leap year because my grandpa was a leap year baby born on February 29th. I remember as a child hearing that he only had a birthday once every four years and I thought that was sad, but kind of cool, too. 

Do you know why we have leap years? Our actual year is 365 and 1/4 days long. To keep our modern calendar in sinc with the tropical calendar and to keep things less confusing a day is added every four years to February. 

So, even though Leap Day is not a holiday I think we should still celebrate it. After all it only happens every four years, right?! 

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Ugly Sweater Contest and Awards

We’re officially gearing up for all those UGLY SWEATER PARTIES this holiday season and today I’ve teamed up with an awesome group of bloggers to give you tons of Ugly Sweater Party Ideas + a cash giveaway to help YOU get a head start on your holiday shopping!!

 13 Ugly Sweater Party Ideas from top bloggersCheck out my tutorial below, then check out what my other blogging friends came up with for their Ugly Sweater Party Ideas this holiday season!! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for $130 in COLD HARD CASH below!!

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