DIY Harem Pants

Hi all! Have you guys been seeing these cute harem pants everywhere!? My instagram feed is just full of these cute toddlers in THE cutest harem pants or MC Hammer pants as my husband calls them. The jury is still out on if he likes them but I LOVE them and am planning on making a TON more! Sorry babe!



Now I am NOT a seamstress by any means. I sort of just winged it. I started by getting a yard of knit fabric and measured around some of his other pants and adding two inches. I cut the crotch on the fold of the fabric. I then cut out another one and laid them right sides together. I sewed along the crotch and both sides of the legs. I then turned them right side out. I got another strip of fabric about 12 inches long and 5 inches wide to make the waist band, I sewed the 2 sides together to make it a loop.  You could always add some elastic at this point but I liked the idea of a sort of yoga pant top. I started to gather one side of the pants and pined them to the waistband and went all the way around. Make sure your gathers are even on the back and front of the pants. This is the trickiest part. All I did then was to cuff the bottoms and I tried them on my little guy. The legs were a little fatter then I wanted them so I went in another inch around the crotch and that made it tons better.

PicMonkey Collagev10

They look super comfy and how cute would they be for a little baby girl or even a big girl! My twins are wanting some, too. If you make some of your own please come back and share!!


Me and My Girl a Year Later

Hi all! Can you believe its been 2 years since we started Polka Dot Poplars!? Awesome Sauce!!!

Well, a year ago I did a video with my youngest daughter and I asked her some questions and since then I have gone back and watched it so many times! It really turned out to be a fun way to document my daughter and the things she thinks about and why I love her so much! I decided since it had been a year since I did the first one that I would do it again to see if anything had changed or see if things maybe hadn’t changed. Check it out! 

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How to make your own watercolor home!

I am such a slacker! I haven’t been posting lately! I have been getting ready for the Vintage Whites show that is happening in Salt Lake on March 13 and 14th! YAY! I am seriously so excited to be apart of it, but it has been taking up much of my time. Lately I have been OBSESSED with these watercolor paintings I have seen many doing! I have been wanting one so badly but don’t want to shell out the $80+ bucks to get one done! These people are uber talented but man oh man that’s a lot of moolah! So I came up with an idea to do my own.


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Boxtrolls Family Night!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Universal Pictures, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BoxtrollsFamilyNite http://my-disclosur.esOBsstV

Recently we got the opportunity to gather together with our family to watch the new Boxtrolls movie! We love the time we get to spend together. I was seriously so excited because my kids never got to see it in the theaters so I knew it was going to be a huge hit!!


My mother and sister came up with my niece and nephews this last weekend and we made a day of it! My uber talented mother came up with a recipe to make our own Boxtrolls out of the 10 Count Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn we bought from Walmart!

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