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I have so many sweet memories of our family gathering around the table for a big breakfast usually on a weekend. The talks, the laughs, and the cute stories will always be some of my favorite times. Our big breakfasts mostly included eggs, bacon, orange juice, and either pancakes, waffles, or french toast. This is my go to french toast recipe that we all love and I wanted to share.

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French Toast Easter Bake

We are excited to partner with Sugardoodle this Easter season to share with you several fun family ideas.  Since Easter is next weekend I wanted to try this yummy breakfast dish, French Toast Easter Bake. Collette from My Computer is My Canvas developed this wonderful recipe along with a scripture scavenger hunt and I wanted to share it with you.  

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Ways With Toast Roundup

One of my favorite snacks is a piece of buttered wheat toast. It’s filling, easy, and fast, but lately I’ve been seeing some great ways to make my toast more interesting and delicious. Here’s some of the ideas I’ve found:

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4th Of July Food Ideas 3

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What’s more American than PIE!  I enjoy making pies.  Many people are intimidated by the crust but if you follow my recipe here you will find it will never fail you.  Just remember not to handle the pie dough too much or it will become tough.

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