10 Ways to Keep the Christmas Spirit

I was talking with my hair stylist today about how stressful Christmas can be and how as adults it’s easy to lose the excitement we had as children. Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy and overwhelmed with everything you have to do to get ready that Christmas is no longer “fun”? Well, I for one was tired of feeling this way year after year and I’ve decided to focus on a few ways to get myself back in the right frame of mind. 


Instead of feeling “Ba Humbug” I’ve really tried to enjoy the whole season and the spirit of this time of year. Here’s what I’m doing and maybe it will help you, too, if you’re just not feeling it. I hope so.

  1. Start early. I know this is hard some times, but really can make a difference. Buying and wrapping presents can happen months before, many food items can be made several days or weeks before and some things can simply be eliminated like mailing Christmas cards and send greetings electronically instead. That will free up time for those things that have to be done closer to Christmas, like decorating.
  2. Relax and take care of yourself. I’ve learned the hard way that stress is not good for you or those around you. I get agitated with my family and this can take away the spirit of Christmas for all of us. Take time for yourself even if it’s just for 10 minutes. A warm bath or reading can do wonders. Also, did you know that it’s been proven that smelling orange eases stress. Add a few drops of orange oil to your bath water, eat an orange, or simply sniff one.
  3. Take time to drive around and see the lights and blast that Christmas music. This always puts me back into the spirit. You could always do a fun scavenger hunt like who can count the most Santas, or whoever can find a Grinch, a stocking, a reindeer, etc.
  4. Go online. There’s so many ways to be inspired on the web. Pinterest, for example, or have you tried Jib Jab? We always have so much fun with the Portable North Pole. Try it! To focus on the true meaning of Christmas go to the top video in our sidebar. 
  5. Take multiple opportunities to spend with your loved ones. This always, without fail, makes me happy and excited for Christmas. Parties and dinners can take so much of your time and add to the stress. Instead just gather together for hot chocolate, go play in the snow, or watch Christmas movies together. The important thing is just being together.
  6. Look in the newspaper or online for local musical events and activities.
  7. Find ways to serve. Losing ourselves in helping others like anonymously shoveling a neighbors walk, buying gifts for a child off an angel tree, and Christmas caroling will make us happy and bring joy to others. It’s a win-win situation.
  8. Put twinkly lights everywhere. Don’t you just love to sit in the dark with the beautiful lights glowing. Add a cup of hot chocolate and some soft Christmas music and it equals the perfect way to add more Christmas cheer to your life.
  9. Avoid and minimize things that can kill the holiday spirit. This is a big one and some times hard to avoid, but it’s important to try. 
  10. Watch children experience the activities of Christmas. There’s something so beautiful about a child experiencing the exciting events of the holiday. Their eyes light up, their bodies jump up and down, and they get so happy. It’s like experiencing all the parts of Christmas for the first time yourself. 

As moms, wives, and working women it takes a lot of endurance, focus, and work to enjoy the holidays, but it’s so important that we do. We may feel that all of our hard work is just for our families which can’t be further from the truth. If we don’t take the time to delight in this time of year we will develop an unhealthy attitude about Christmas and find ourselves unhappy. Please! for your own health and happiness cut out some of the unimportant things and focus in on the most valuable things including your family, friends, and faith.

Merry Christmas friends!

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