• Uplift Families Conference (Discount and Giveaway)
  • Recycled Leather Office Chair
  • Pallet Wood USA
  • Lemon Cloud Dessert
  • Foamy Fun

Uplift Families Conference (Discount and Giveaway)

Parenting can be so difficult and overwhelming some times, but comes with many rewarding and fulfilling gifts, as well. Utah’s First Lady, Jeanette Herbert, has developed an amazing initiative that we are thrilled to be a part of. Mrs. Herbert is the mother of six children and owned a child care and preschool for 23 years, so she is very knowledgeable in child development practices.

Uplifting Families is a program full of information to help parents raise loving and responsible children. The first way they do this is through their amazing website www.upliftfamilies.org including parenting tips, links to helpful programs, organizations, and agencies that help enhance parenting skills, and answers to parenting questions. 

I’ve also enjoyed their YouTube channel Uplift Families where there are several videos of speakers from the past conference. And speaking of conferences the annual Parenting Conference is just a few weeks away.


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Recycled Leather Office Chair

Hello Everyone!  I recently recycled an older leather office chair into a more colorful and fun craft room chair using spray paint.

I’ve had this chair for years and love how comfortable it is, but it just didn’t match the retro vibe I am going for in my craft room. I debated a long time about what to do with this chair. I wasn’t sure if I could recover it and I even wondered if I should just replace it, but then decided I would just paint it! The spray paint can says it will cover vinyl and plastic, so then I thought “why not leather”. Paint is one of my very good friends and I use spray paint all the time; I just knew that it would be worth a try and my gamble paid off. Leather can be spray painted! Yay!

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Pallet Wood USA

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Hi Friends!  Today I have a pallet wood United States of America. I’ve been seeing different variations of the USA used in every day home décor, so I came up with this idea.


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Lemon Cloud Dessert

Today I’m sharing a unique, but scrumptious dessert that is perfect for any summer event. It’s light, sweet, and crispy and we call them Lemon Clouds.


I’m a big fan of lemon meringue pies. This dessert is like an upside down lemon meringue pie. The meringue is the base and simply melts in your mouth. If you are looking for a special touch to end a good dinner look no further. This would be perfect.

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