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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Hi Everyone!

Easter has been on my mind.  I love all that it represents and why we celebrate it.  This is first in my mind, but I love the other things like family gatherings, the new outfits, dying eggs, and the EASTER EGG HUNTS.  Easter weekend has always been a big event in our family.


Here are some ideas to make your Easter Egg Hunts a little more exciting.

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Purse Organizer

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are receiving the love you deserve this Valentine’s Weekend.

Do you ever lose things in the bottom of your purse? I do. It’s usually my keys or my cell phone. Today I want to share an easy purse organizer that I just love. Also, if you change purses on a regular basis then this is especially for you because this organizer is portable and can easily be moved from purse to purse.

Placemat Title

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How to make your own watercolor home!

I am such a slacker! I haven’t been posting lately! I have been getting ready for the Vintage Whites show that is happening in Salt Lake on March 13 and 14th! YAY! I am seriously so excited to be apart of it, but it has been taking up much of my time. Lately I have been OBSESSED with these watercolor paintings I have seen many doing! I have been wanting one so badly but don’t want to shell out the $80+ bucks to get one done! These people are uber talented but man oh man that’s a lot of moolah! So I came up with an idea to do my own.


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Industrial Décor (Bewitchin Block Party)

Welcome to Bewitchin Projects Block Party Sundays.

A place for our creative friends to share and network with each other.  

We are always so inspired by you.  Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas.

Be sure to spread the love by pinning and sharing your favorite projects, as well.


As your hosts we are having a blast and are thrilled to see all the amazing talent.  Our goal is to bring you even more fun, love, and exposure.  You will be seen on 9 blogs!!!!  So many people will see your awesomeness and each weekly party will ROCK!


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