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Easy Grape Juice Canning


This is the time of year when many types of grapes are ripe and ready to eat, juice, freeze, or make jelly out of.

There are several different ways to can grape juice and I’ve tried a few of them.  In the past I have borrowed juicing steamers which are awesome, but takes some time.  Juicers can be expensive, too.  

Another way is to cover your clean and stemmed grapes slightly with water in a large pot and simmering the heck out of them.  Then you strain the juice through a wire strainer and/or cheese cloth and process.  This also takes some time.

But, recently I found the easiest and quickest way to make grape juice.  This technique has been used for decades and the juice is delicious.

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Quick & Easy Word Banner

I love quick and easy crafts that make a big statement or add just the right touch.


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Bewitchen Projects Block Party #12

Welcome to Bewitchin Projects Block Party Sundays.

A place for our creative friends to share and network with each other.  

We are always so inspired by you.  Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas.

Be sure to spread the love by pinning and sharing your favorite projects, as well.


As your hosts we are having a blast and are thrilled to see all the amazing talent.  Our goal is to bring you even more fun, love, and exposure.  You will be seen on 10 blogs!!!!  So many people will see your awesomeness and each weekly party will ROCK!


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A Gathering of Our Halloween Ideas

Are you looking for some Halloween inspiration?  We’ve gathered together our past Halloween posts all in one place and hope they will give you some ideas.

A Gathering of Halloween Ideas From Polka Dot Poplars

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