• Best Sugar Cookies
  • Family Cultural Night – China
  • Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe
  • Leap Day Fun
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Best Sugar Cookies

The best sugar cookie. Not too sweet.

What’s Valentine’s Day without sugar cookies? I say it’s an absolutely sad day! So, you should make these. They are heavenly!

Have you ever had a sugar cookie that is so sweet that it’s hard to eat the whole thing? I’m not a big fan of a super sugary cookie with the gooey sweet frosting together. It’s just too much and I can only eat a few bites. This recipe creates a nice cookie that’s not too sweet and is a nice balance with the butter cream frosting. 

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Family Cultural Night – China

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We started a new tradition in our family and it was soooo fun! Since it’s Chinese New Year we thought it would be fun to learn more about China and to use it as an opportunity to give the kids a great experience. Now that we’ve had one family cultural night we want to do more and want to encourage you all to do the same.

China 1

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Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

The Superbowl is this Sunday!! Who are you rooting for?

If you are like me you like to have lots and lots of finger foods on hand for the big day and one of my favorites is deviled eggs. I thought I would share with you my recipe for this yummy classic finger food. There is one difference I do with mine; I add smoked paprika on mine and I think it adds a nice kick, but if that doesn’t sound good to you then feel free to just use the normal paprika over the top. 

2015-11-28 17.40.27

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Leap Day Fun

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Leap Day Collage

I’ve always been a little intrigued by leap year because my grandpa was a leap year baby born on February 29th. I remember as a child hearing that he only had a birthday once every four years and I thought that was sad, but kind of cool, too. 

Do you know why we have leap years? Our actual year is 365 and 1/4 days long. To keep our modern calendar in sinc with the tropical calendar and to keep things less confusing a day is added every four years to February. 

So, even though Leap Day is not a holiday I think we should still celebrate it. After all it only happens every four years, right?! 

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